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Silpakarman is a Sanskrit word that means 'Handcrafted'. It is often argued that a brand name must be easy to remember and use. However, Silpakarman is anything but easy!

Silpakarman embodies not just products but also the experience, the process of crafting bamboo into something that is used and loved by our customers.

We work hard to ensure all our customers receive personalized care and solutions. We truly believe the items we design and build offer something extraordinary that will remain with you for years to come.

Silpakarman products give joy and excitement to our customers but these products also need understanding and care. There are so many emotions and elements involved in our products right from the place where the products are made to the people who make them. And these emotions reflect in the precision of the product, its design, and the warmth it shares. 

Whether looking for Coffee Mugs, Furniture, or Gift sets, we will customize the final product to your liking. Take a look at some of our product categories below.

Silpakarman bamboo products for home

Our Story

Silpakarman is born from the experiences of our founders. And, no one can tell this story better than them. So, here is an anecdote from the Founder Director Ms. Akshya Shree.

As a child, I was surrounded by handmade products which my mother would buy from various places across the country (mostly, rural areas!). The amount of effort she would take to get these products home was commendable! 
I didn't fancy these products much then as for me they were a regular. But, when I entered college and wore some of these handmade items to class I made a statement! 'Hey, that's nice where did you get it from?" "Ohh...!! I haven't seen such a piece before"And, as any girl would do, I flaunted. "I got this from Kerala..from Puducherry..etc.etc."
So, after completing my graduation I thought of starting an avenue to promote the crafts of these craftsmen, whom I had come across through my mom's shopping experience. But subsequently, I fell in love with bamboo and its creativity, and hence, Silpakarman was born to bring to the world the best of the grasses!

Our Products

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