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A village hut in Tripura near a pond.

What is Silpakarman?

Silpakarman's aim is to provide to the world the best of Indian craftsmanship in form of contemporary products.

Silpakarman is a sanskrit word which means 'Handcrafted'.

coffee mugs burnt finish

Who are we?

What do we do? How do we do it?

Silpakarman is a for-profit social enterprise where a group of craft enthusiast work with clusters and artisans in the rural parts of India. Our aim is to innovate contemporary products by following the traditional crafts of these craftsmen while providing them with livelihood.
Silpakarman is focussed to bring the best out of natural fibres. We are working across 3 states in the north-eastern part of India, innovating products made from bamboo, cane and other grasses.


Why Silpakarman?

From the founder - Story of my mother's shopping endeavours

As a child, I was surrounded by handmade products which my mother would buy from various places across the country (mostly, rural areas!). The amount of effort she would take to get these products home was commendable! 
I didn't fancy these products much then as for me they were a regular. But, when I entered college and wore some of these handmade items to class I made a statement! 'Hey, that's nice where did you get it from?" "Ohh...!! I haven't seen such a piece before" And, as any girl would do, I flaunted. "I got this from Kerala..from Puducherry..etc.etc."
So, after completing my graduation I thought of starting an avenue to promote the crafts of these craftsmen, whom I had come across through my mom's shopping experience. But subsequently, I fell in love with bamboo and it's creativity and hence, Silpakarman was born to bring to the world the best of the grasses!

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