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Let me introduce you to Silpakarman. What do we do? How do we do it? And, most importantly why do we do it?

I am starting with what do we do? Silpakarman is a bridge between parties interested in bamboo and artisans working with bamboo. Let me explain how we work as a bridge between these two.

Bamboo Coffee Mug in Burnt Finish

1. Products: Silpakarman has a team of designers and curators who create products keeping in mind the necessities of the modern-day audience. These designs are created to add value to traditional craft products. The benefit of the products in terms of design and financial incentive goes to the artisans; it also helps them to retain their craft. And the consumers are offered a product that although modern encapsulate a conventional soul. Silpakarman products are available on and on

2. Interiors and independent projects: Individuals or designers who have an interest in sustainable craft approach us for independent projects. These projects vary from home interiors to restaurants to hotel projects. We are a team that encourages discussion when there's a scope of innovation involving bamboo.

3. Sourcing, supplying and practically everything around the bamboo craft: For importers or brands who are looking for collaboration with the artisans and want to promote fair trade, we work as facilitators and advisors. Working with artisans in a geographically restricted environment can be difficult, and it could be potential damage to the livelihoods of the rural artisans too. So in such a scenario, we take control of the clusters while guiding them to move in a way that suits the requirement of an international or national client. Alongside we advise these buyers on how to collaborate with the artisans, the best practices and design innovation.

The pure reason we are doing this is to create a sustainable rural economy. A nation cannot thrive upon the success of a few, a joint assembly of people from across all social stature must have access to equal opportunity. Silpakarman ensures that no rural artisan misses out on a potential opportunity and we bring them closer to audiences who care for handicrafts.

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