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Beat the heat with golden grass roller blinds...!!!

Even when the air conditioner is running in full speed you feel the ting of sun ray while sitting on the sofa. You stand up walk to the window and pull the curtains. Now you are back to your comfort zone, you pick up the book on the side table to continue reading but, something isn't quite right. The light! You turn on the light but it's just too much for the afternoon.

How many times such a thing has happened to you? Quite often I believe. How about I share a secret of why this has never happened with me? At my home we never use curtains during summers. My grandmother always emphasized on using the roller blinds made from GOLDEN GRASS or MADHUR KATHI (meaning sweet sticks, for it has a sweet fragrance!). These blinds also holds a unique benefit, it protects from the sun's heat while letting in ample amount of light, and keep the room pleasantly cool.

On many evenings my grandmother would spray these mats with water and during nights when the breeze would pass through them, it would fill the room with a sweet fragrance and cool air. Apart from adding a traditional touch to your home, these mats add a new dimension to the contemporary home.

You can now own one such roller blind for your home! Just click on the image and you can see all the buying options on, we offering Flat INR 700 discount. International buyers can fill the contact form with their requirement and I will get back to them with the details. Give handmade a chance you will never regret it!

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