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SILPATAVA : The Art of Decorations

One fine evening, I returned from office to just see my house a little out of order and nothing in it's usual place. I entered the living room and saw my mother re-arranging everything. She had the domestic helper to place things for her, and they were constantly changing the placement of things around to see what suits where. She had even added a few new things in the living room and was leaving space to add a few more. I asked her why is she taking so much pain, after all re-arranging the house is a task! She smiled at me and said "Dear, a house is made home only when you feel it's warmth and you know that this space belongs to you. If you leave the space same for a very long time it becomes monotonous and you tend to get bore off it and doesn't look after it. It mere becomes a space where you come to rest and home is more than that. It's a place which represents you, your inner self, and the way we improve ourselves from within and as well as from outside over time, we have to do the same with the home."

I asked her next that we can keep the same things, why change things around or add new one, and she replied

" Love, the way you change yourself, your looks, your wardrobe or let's say update your mobile applications, the same way a home too have to be updated with the things that you now like or interests you. it's a place that you wish to comeback to relax, feel peaceful, joyous and comfort. It's your space ,representing you."​​

I said to her,"It's a hard to do decoration" and she said to me, "It's the art of decoration".

At night when I saw the space completely re-arranged and went over the conversation I had with my mother in the evening, it struck me that everyone would wish to decorate their space or update their space according to their own taste but in our fast pace lives it's so hard to cope up or look after any of this, wouldn't it be great if someone can do it for us! And just then I saw my sister hanging a wall hanging from our latest collection on the empty wall space, and she exclaimed "Oh, it just looks perfect". With this exclaim the idea of "Silpatva" was born. Once again, my mother became the inspiration for my new venture.

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