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Beauty begins with you!

Hi there!

It has been a long time since I wrote a heart-to-heart blog for you all. I and my team have been doing a lot of ground improvement to bring you some of the best bamboo products and March is going to be full of action with restocking, new launches, new segments, and tons of good stories!

Today I am talking about beauty and self-appreciation. Most of us have some or other concern about our appearance, and I personally have had a long fight with myself. Appearances although affect both men and women in their personal lives but somehow women tend to lose more in their quest to become perfect. With weight loss, they lose their peace of mind, and with weight gain, they lose their confidence.

However, what’s important is that we acknowledge that such inhibitions exist and we need to tackle them both inwards and outwards. While we fight our own fights to accept ourselves, we must also allow others to feel comfortable in their own skin. We must drive the conversation away from body measures and skin shades. And create our own definitions that give space to new ideas and lead to a norm-free society.

In an attempt to do that, my team created a video campaign with me being sans-makeup. Now, this was a big task for me because I have been very critical of my appearance, and I rarely post a photo online until I feel that it is perfect. But I did it so that girls and women who have similar inhibitions will be motivated to look at themselves beyond the mirror and define beauty in their own words. You can watch the video below.

Also, for woman’s day this year, we are creating a compilation of videos where women define beauty in their own words. Here is the link to submit your entries. We encourage all of you to come and join us in the movement where beauty is not standards defined by others but self-expression defined by you!

Love and regards

Akshya Shree

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