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Hustle & Hassle: Story of BeYouTea Launch

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Bringing out a new product isn’t an easy task and this task becomes even more challenging when you have to do it with limited team members and little time!

Citing the lockdown and logistical restrictions in Tripura we thought of postponing our product launch. We could just not decide whether or not to launch the product amidst such a scenario! We are currently incubated with NSRCEL, IIM-B and during a session with our mentor Mr. Sukumar Rangachari we happen to discuss this. Sukumar sir said to us that, "Why wait? Go ahead with the launch on the date you had earlier decided and tell your customers that you will start shipping once your inventory is stocked and logistics are resolved, they will understand!"

So, it was decided during our mentorship session on the 20th of May afternoon that, we will launch the product on the 26th of May! We had just 5 days to finalize everything and get it ready on time for the launch. Now, began the rush of adding all the possible elements for the launch and make it successful.

Step 1 - Get our social media active.

Our social media pages lacked the enthusiasm that was needed for a product launch. We started by revisiting our notes, stories, videos, and images to create a subtle impact. Something that could convey our message and yet be relevant. Also, we created a unique landing page on each day from the 20th to engage with our site visitors.

BeYouTea Mascot 'The Tripura Panda'
Landing page before the launch of BeYouTea

Step 2- Bring out the benefits of the tea to the audience.

Since we had initially postponed the launch we weren’t actively working on the content development for it. We knew what we had to do but we just didn't have the time. So, my co-founder and I split the task between us. Canva and Dhwani's Film-making skills came to our rescue in creating high-quality content in much less time.

Step 3- Storytelling around the tea

We had to bring the stories that drew us to the tea in the first place. The most important of these stories was the 101 leaves dish that is made during the Bihu festival in Assam.

Step 4- Introduce our mascot 'The Tripura Panda'

Tripura panda is our thoughtfully created mascot who not just tells people the benefits of the tea but also the stories of his adventures. We will soon do a detailed blog about him!

Step 5- The Launch

We didn't even have the photos for listing the product on our website until the day of the launch. But when you have a co-founder, an iPhone, and a plain white calendar, getting stunning images isn't that difficult. The bamboo leaves that we have from the time we were experimenting with the blend were used and the photographs were shot in our kitchen!

The process.....

The product....

And the result!

Even though we spent these 6 days working for over 10 hours every day, we created some of the best content to date at Silpakarman. The journey from conceptualizing a product to its launch is a dream come true and the amazing response that we have received from the campaign, our patrons, our peers, and most importantly our customers have made it even more special!

You too can experience the goodness of the BeYouTea! Click below to pre-order now!

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