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Say hello 2022!

Oh, what a year this has been!

For starters we forayed into a brand new category with our flagship product BeYouTea - Bamboo Leaves Tea. Imagine how a product like this can boost the possibilities of bamboo and the aligned communities who work with it! And, for you too! Isn't it the first time you got introduced to the idea that bamboo isn't just good for the planet but your health as well?

Then came the news that left us all elated. Our founder made it to the list of honorees at the Forbes Asia 30 Under 30 Class of 2021! It isn't for us to brag but this is an accolade for the years of hard work that has been put into Silpakarman by our founders and our artisans.

The honor brought a new lease of life amidst the pain of the pandemic. And a booster to look forward to living up to our brand ethos and values.

And how can we forget the amazing promotion we did and the countless feedback we received about the tea. The 8-week wellness program curated by specialists to bring our customers closer to us and our values was an instant hit. And guess what in 2022 we are taking year a step forward. We are revamping the program to include better tips and a whole lot of fun!

Also, there are a whole lot of new collections that will be available on our website in the coming year. This includes customized furniture as well! There are products inspired by stories, poems and so much more. And there are some very interesting collaborations that we have thoughtfully curated for you. It brings you the best of nature and the best of the country!

And now last but not the least, BeYouTea is now available at The Organic World stores in Bengaluru! So all you Bengaluru folks head to your nearest Organic World Store right now and grab a pack of the bamboo tea. Sip on it for your new year's celebration and make it even more special! And join the wellness program to keep up with your new year's resolutions!

A very happy new year to all of you!

Love love and lots of love


Team Silpakarman

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